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Trail running injury risks

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This is a summary of the insights from the research paper "Trail running injury risk factors: a living systematic review".

Hylyght Research paper: Trail running injury risks

What are the most common injury risks in trail running? 🤔

ℹ️ So far, limited studies have investigated the injury risk factors in trail running. These researchers conducted a review of already existing studies and found the following:

  1. The foot/toe, followed by the ankle, and hip/groin are the most commonly injured body areas.
  2. Blisters, followed by joint sprains, and tendinopathies are the most common pathology types reported in trail running.
  3. An injury incidence range 0.7–61.2 injuries/1000 hours of running

❓ On top of these insights, there are a few factors that runners can partially take care of themselves and together with a specialist. A few important extrinsic risk factors are the following:

  • Neglecting warm-up
  • No specialized running plan
  • Training on asphalt
  • Double training sessions per day
  • Physical labor occupations

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