Monitor development & growth in adolescent athletes

Young people aged 10-16 yrs are going through a period of accelerated growth, the growth spurt, but each at their own pace.

Measure height & weight regularly to adapt training individually: focus on coordination, mobility and core stability in periods of accelerated growth. Plan less quantity and more quality work.

Individualizing training helps prevent overuse injuries, de-motivation and early drop-out.

What Hylyght can do for you

Measure height & weight every 4 - 6 weeks in the same circumstances & on the same devices

Identify the athletes who are in a period of accelerated physical growth

Adapt training individually

Communicate with athletes and parents on their physical & athletic development

The platform is your playing field

Results are available immediately after testing. The platform translates raw test data into graphic and actionable reports, with your athletes at the heart of the equation. Take data-driven decisions and use maturity and growth as a basis for individual development pathways.

+10 years of experience

Hylyght is building on +10 years of experience as SpartaNova and has been working with a number of experts for many years: