Partez de connaissances fondées sur des preuves et intégrez votre expertise pour mettre en place des protocoles de test uniques.

Ce que nous faisons:

Nos fortes racines scientifiques

Hylyght a acquis 10 ans d'expérience en tant que SpartaNova, spin-off des universités de Gand et de Bruxelles. Aujourd'hui, nous avons des partenariats privilégiés avec de nombreux scientifiques mais aussi avec de nombreux professionnels qui ont les pieds bien ancrés dans le terrain. Cela nous permet d'apporter le meilleur des deux mondes à nos experts.

Where do you work?

Based on the field you’re working in, you’ll find relevant articles and research findings that fit your interests and needs.

  • You rehabilitate injuries or guide athletes & teams
  • You are looking to standardize your testing & screening
  • You want to professionalize your way of working
We receive great feedback from our patients & athletes because they appreciate the extensive insights into their own weaknesses & strengths.
  • You are active in prevention & rehabilitation
  • You want to monitor the patient’s progress
  • You need a tool to collect, store and visualize test data
As a rehabilitation department, it is key to measure effectively, store the data, and analyze how much progress is made.
  • You coach, train, or work with athletes
  • You want to identify talents
  • You wish to reduce injuries and improve performance
With Hylyght, we’re able to create our own individualized approach on top of the existing knowledge.