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A few common questions that are not about the platform, a specific solution we offer, or pricing.

The platform looks great but can we make a profit from it?

Most of our clients do make a financial profit using the platform. It also helps them build a more professional image, as testing and screening patients isn't common practice (yet). Here are a few best practices:

Physiotherapy practices and hospitals:

  • Make a habit out of testing and screening, for (almost) every patient. Charge a fixed extra amount for using the platform, on top of the time you spend with them. As the number of patients grows, the price per individual goes down, resulting in more profit.
  • Take some time to add your comments to each report. Briefly summarizing test results can help you highlight your own expertise.
  • Send PDF reports to referring doctors & surgeons. They want the best outcome for their patients, because a better outcome affects them, too. There are options to create a detailed PDF report for doctors, containing all the raw data.
  • Give access to the platform and/or send a PDF report to each patient. They will be more motivated by seeing their progress.
  • Get in touch with sports teams and clubs to offer a pre-season injury prevention screening. Keep the screening short, so the price is feasible for the club or the athletes. With athletes prone to injuries, include more tests.

Clubs and federations:

  • Add a small charge to the yearly membership fee and offer online insight into progress and all test data.
  • Spread the word about your data-driven approach, resulting in a more professional image.
  • Export data and build your own benchmarks.
  • Give more individual guidance, instead of a one-size-fits-all training program.

In which languages is the platform available?

The platform is currently available in English, Dutch and Spanish. If you need it in your language, reach out!

We need expert advice on injury prevention, rehab, talent detection, identification, development. Can you help?

Yes! We have a lot of expertise in-house and we have close ties to different universities and researchers. Several of our customers have an amazing track record and love helping out. Get in touch and let us know what you need!

We already use another tool. Can we integrate with that?

We have a great API for integrations and a development team to build them. We evaluate each integration separately. Get in touch!

We want to communicate with our patients and athletes about testing & screening. Can you help?

Sure! We created flyer templates in English, Dutch, and French on Canva. You can easily adapt the template in a few minutes. Get in touch and we'll send you the links.

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