Find the plan that works for you

Our cost-effective solutions are ideal for various organisations ranging from physiotherapy clinics and hospitals, to sports academies and federations in leveraging science-based expertise and data to prevent injuries, shorten rehabilitation and help young talent unlock their full potential.

All pricing is volume-based: the price per person drops as the number of persons you are monitoring increases. Get in touch for a tailored quote.

Growth Tracker

€4 per person

+€100/year platform fee

Perfect for everyone working with adolescent athletes

  • Growth velocity - how fast are your athletes growing
  • Development - are your athletes early, on time, or late mature
  • Adult height prediction
  • Biobanding

Talent Identification & Development

€12 per person

+€500/year platform fee

Perfect for clubs & federations

  • 150+ performance tests
  • Sport performance testing
  • Talent identification
  • Bio-banding
  • Maturity estimation
  • Biological age estimation
  • Growth tracker
  • Login & password for every person

Rehab & Prevention (athletes/patients)

€12 per person

+€500/year platform fee

Perfect for physiotherapists, clubs & federations

  • 250+ tests & questionnaires
  • Evidence-based test sets for different sports
  • Rehab & Return to Sport screening
  • Injury prevention screening
  • Exercise library, expandable with your own content
  • Growth tracker
  • Login & password for every person

Sports Orientation

€4 per person

+€100/year platform fee

Perfect for schools, municipalities & governments

  • I Do - Physical tests
  • I Like - Interactive questionnaire
  • Sports orientation reports
  • Optional: link to local sports offering


Custom Pricing

Flexible pricing that scales with your business

Perfect for high-volume use & for hospitals

  • All features
  • Integrate your own expertise with tests, test sets and benchmarks
  • Sub organisations available
  • Mandatory 2-factor authentication
  • Custom SLA’s and integrations
  • Automated Measurement Program available

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