Growth Tracker

Measure growth and adapt training programs for young athletes.

Hylyght redefines the way you track the physical growth and maturation of young athletes.

Growth Tracker

Young athletes mature at different speeds during puberty. By tracking their growth you can reduce growth related injuries and adapt training programs based on maturity status.


  • Measure height and weight every 2-3 months between the age of 10-16 years
  • Use a manual device or automate data collection with the connected Seca device.


  • Get instant insights in growth velocity and maturation status
  • Get an estimation of adult height
  • Analyze readily available reports for a whole training group


  • Avoid injuries by reducing training load for the fast growing athletes
  • Use bio-banding to create more appropriate training environments
  • Guide athletes to positions which match their predicted adult height
  • Share insights with coaches, athletes and parents

Backed by research

We actively collaborate with leading institutions to gather robust scientific evidence that continuously expands and strengthens our platform.

Prevent injuries by adapting training load

During growth spurt, injuries to the growth plate and tendons are common - like Sever’s, Osgood-Schlatters, and ACL/MCL for female athletes. Reducing load and focussing on appropriate training content that corresponds to the developmental status has been shown to reduce injury rates.