Injury prevention based on science

Maximize the potential of each athlete with your own unique screening. Highlight strengths & weaknesses and focus your efforts on shortcomings.

The Hylyght approach contains the most robust scientific evidence available and has proven successful for elite and recreational athletes of any age.

Use our protocols or blend in your own expertise: add your preferred tests, criteria and exercises for every type of target group.

What Hylyght can do for you

Map risk factors for every individual athlete

We deliver the most robust scientific evidence available

Blend in your own expertise and knowledge

Choose the best exercises from our library or add your own

The platform is your playing field

Results are available immediately after testing. The platform translates raw test data into graphic and actionable reports, with your athletes at the heart of the equation.

+10 years of experience

Hylyght is building on +10 years of experience as SpartaNova and has been working with a number of experts for many years: