Pedaling Towards Excellence: Jessica van Melkebeke's Journey with Hylyght

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Sports physio Jessica Van Melkebeke during a cycling competition
Sports physio Jessica Van Melkebeke during a cycling competition


Jessica van Melkebeke is a dedicated sports physiotherapist working with AG Insurance-Soudal's women's cycling team and individual riders from various teams. She also runs her own practice, Thrive, which has been growing steadily since its inception in October 2023. Despite the increasing demand, Jessica continues to manage her busy schedule, balancing her practice with major events like the Giro, training camps, and the Women's Tour de France...


Jessica has a profound passion for sports and is thrilled to expand her career in the cycling world. Her mission is to combine her expertise in physiotherapy and osteopathy to help athletes recover from injuries and enhance their performance. She is currently furthering her studies in osteopathy, which she believes complements her work in exercise therapy perfectly.


A day in the life

When accompanying the team, Jessica's day begins with taping and short treatments after breakfast, followed by providing supplies during the race. Post-race, she helps with massages and provides necessary treatments to prepare the athletes for the next day. In the evenings, she assists with recovery meals, ensuring the team is ready for the next challenge.

Experience with Hylyght

Jessica has been leveraging the Hylyght platform for structured injury prevention screenings. Before Hylyght, she managed screenings using Excel and Word files, which was cumbersome and chaotic. She learned about Hylyght through the men's cycling team and decided to implement it for its unique screening capabilities and user-friendly interface. The implementation went smoothly, and the platform's structured approach to screenings and individualized exercises has streamlined her workflow tremendously.

Future Aspirations

Jessica's future aspirations include working full-time in cycling as an osteopath while continuing to offer exercise therapy. She aims to combine her skills to provide holistic care to athletes, helping them recover from injuries and improve their performance.


Photo Credits: Jessica Van Melkebeke / Thrive