FysioPlus Zwolle: Leading the Way in Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

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Mathijs testing an athlete with the Hylyght platform


FysioPlus Zwolle is a leading practice offering (sports) physiotherapy, manual therapy, pediatric physiotherapy, occupational therapy, oncological physiotherapy, and (elite) sports guidance. Located at the Landstede Sportcentrum, FysioPlus serves as the expertise center for sports physiotherapy in the Zwolle region. They are deeply involved in the paramedical guidance of both elite and amateur sports, with a growing emphasis on prevention.

Meet Mathijs & Maarten

Mathijs Bouwhuis is a sports physiotherapist with a keen eye for maximizing athlete potential, specializing in lower extremity injuries (hip, knee, ankle). Since 2013, he has been with the PEC Zwolle youth academy, managing the preventive care of all players.

Maarten De Waart co-leads FysioPlus Zwolle, focusing on Performance and Development. He served as Head of Performance for the PEC Zwolle Football Academy from 2012 to 2023, managing medical and performance aspects.


Mission and Vision

FysioPlus Zwolle's mission is to enable individuals with complaints and/or limitations to function optimally in their daily lives. They achieve this through high-quality, evidence-based physiotherapy and related services.

Their vision is to be a leading and innovative physiotherapy practice in Zwolle and its surroundings. They aim to achieve this through a client-centric approach, professionalism, adherence to quality standards, personalized care plans, collaboration with other healthcare providers, and a strong focus on prevention.

Pride and Ambitions

FysioPlus Zwolle takes pride in their approach to active rehabilitation, combining the latest scientific insights with their own expertise and experience. This allows them to provide tailored solutions for every sports-related injury, with periodic testing and measurement as key components. Their ambition is to further develop their position as an expertise center for sports-related injuries in the Zwolle region. Over the next five years, they aim to be a driving force for new developments and innovations, sharing knowledge with referrers, athletes, and sports clubs.

Experience with Hylyght

FysioPlus Zwolle has been using Hylyght for nearly eight years, dating back to when it was known as SpartaNova. They primarily use the injury prevention screening and rehab modules. Professional teams undergo pre-season screenings, with results discussed with physical trainers to address each athlete's focus areas. For anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rehabilitation, about 60-70 cases annually, periodic testing is crucial. Hylyght assists in timely adjustments and optimal training regimens.

With prevention becoming increasingly important, Hylyght offers FysioPlus Zwolle a scientifically backed, structured approach applicable to various sports. Athletes gain clear insights into their focus areas, motivating them to work on these aspects. Regular testing within their treatment programs is vital for safely returning athletes to their sports, and Hylyght provides an ideal platform for this. It also enables them to send comprehensive reports to referrers, offering a clear overview of the athlete's status.


Feedback and Future Improvements

If FysioPlus Zwolle were to summarize their experience with the Hylyght platform, it would be 'effective' and 'innovative'. It has significantly improved patient experiences, providing easy insights into their status and progress, and motivating them to address weaker points.

One feature they would like to see added is integration with their Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD), which would simplify data exchange and improve connections with regular and sports patients.

Want to get in touch?

If you are a sports organization and would like to rigorously test your athletes, you can get in touch with Fysioplus Zwolle or connect with Maarten and Mathijs.


Photo credits: Fysioplus Zwolle.