Utilizing technology for effective Physical Therapy: a look at Pro-F with Wouter Welling

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Wouter Welling takes a 'sit and reach' test on an athlete.
Wouter Welling takes a 'sit and reach' test on an athlete.


When you hear about groundbreaking work in physical therapy and sports injury rehab, you might find Dr. Wouter Welling of Pro-F Fysiotherapie at the epicenter.

Meet Wouter Welling

Wouter received his Ph.D. from the University of Groningen, with a focus on Return to Sport after ACL Injuries - a critical area in sports medicine. Today, he not only works with patients and athletes, but also remains actively involved in scientific research. He's an educator and shares his insights by teaching several courses in the field.

The Pro-F Approach

Wouter is currently using his expertise at Pro-F Physiotherapy, and they've become pioneers in their use of the Hylyght platform - a tool that has been integrated into the fabric of their daily operations.

The Hylyght platform is their go-to platform for testing. Ranging from performance tests focused on shedding light on athletes' strengths and weak areas, as they do with FC Twente, to developing a structured approach centered around testing during rehabilitation. This encompasses an array of problems like Total Knee Arthroplasty, Total Hip Arthroplasty, Meniscal problems, ACL, Hamstring injuries and many more. The platform is used to collect structured data, and Wouter speaks highly of its evolution over the past years.

"The visualization of data is one of the platform's highlights," Wouter says, "It's easily understandable for both patients and athletes, and it gives a precise illustration of areas that need improvements."

Furthermore, Pro-F diligently sends detailed reports to all stakeholders around the patient, from doctors and orthopedic surgeons to coaches. They appreciate the effort put into collecting data and turning it into actionable reports that ultimately benefit each individual patient.

The way test results are visualized is fantastic, instantly showing areas of improvement. It's brilliant report to share with our collaborating orthopedists. Wouter Welling.

Patient-Centered Approach

At Pro-F, the starting point is always the patient. Individual treatment plans are based on measurements. Wouter and his colleagues commonly conduct an initial examination to measure muscle strength, stability, and movement quality. The results set the stage for the treatment plan. Interestingly, the test results often reflect past injuries that haven’t been completely cured - a common but often overlooked phenomenon that can gradually lead to new complaints.


By incorporating technology solutions like the Hylyght platform, Pro-F Physiotherapy is setting a new standard in providing patient-centric solutions. They are shaping an environment that puts patients first and delivers effective outcomes. The balance of technology and human empathy at Pro-F ensures that patients get back on track in the smartest way possible. That is the greatest testament of their dedication to their practice.

Interested in testing your athletes or patients?

If you are a sports organization and would like to rigorously test your athletes, you can get in touch with Pro-F Physiotherapy via Wouter Welling. If you’re interested in trying out the Hylyght platform to test patients after a wide variety of injuries, you can contact us.

Wouter’s publications can be found here. Photo credits: Pro-F Fysiotherapie.