Hylyght in the Physiotherapy practice: Steven and Jeffrey at KinePlus Aalst

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Shoulder strength test on a physio table
Shoulder strength test on a physio table


The healthcare sector is experiencing a digital transformation. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on Steven Vuylsteke and Jeffrey De Coninck, who both operate at KinePlus Aalst. This duo is bridging digitization for remarkable results by using the Hylyght platform to its full potential.

Frequent Monitoring Enhances ACL Rehabilitation

Steven and Jeffrey have designed their practice around regular testing. For patients in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) rehabilitation, new evaluations are scheduled each month. The content of the testing is tailored to the rehab phase and the individual progression. This routine ensures close monitoring and progress tracking.

Using the Hylyght Rehab module, distinctive progress levels can be monitored efficiently. The outcome is an actively engaged patient who knows precisely where they stand in their recovery process. It also offers the physiotherapist actionable insight to determine what to focus on for each patient case, carving a customized path towards optimal recovery for every individual.

Jeffrey De Coninck's testimonial

Partnering in Rehab: Physios, Doctors and Patients

Jeffrey and Steven emphasize the fundamental importance of involving both the patient and their doctors in the rehabilitation process. By encouraging this approach, the practice invokes a spirit of partnership in each individual case. Doctors in particular have shown appreciation for the clear, concise progress reports delivered by the Hylyght platform.

Sports Injuries: A Broader Context

The duo takes their rigorous testing even further. Sports injuries of various forms - including Ankle distortions, Shoulder issues and more - are closely monitored in their practice. This attention to detail proved useful in two interesting cases they treated; one in a young football player with spondylolysis, and another in a young athlete with recurring hamstring problems. Precise testing allowed Jeffrey to identify points of improvement and after treatment, both patients' symptoms ceased.

Knee flexion test after an ACL surgery
Hylyght knee flexion test

Embracing Prevention and Performance Optimization

Their practice is not limited to reactive treatments. They are strong advocates of preventive screening and align their approach with the Hylyght Prevention module. This additional service primarily targets runners and other recreational and competitive athletes aiming to optimize their physical performance. The preventive screenings assess potential injury risks and highlight areas for performance improvement—concluding in highly targeted interventions.

Kineplus gives a new meaning to what a progressive and modern physiotherapy clinic looks like. Leveraging technology, they set a new standard in the field. It's a shining example of how close patient monitoring, combined with the right technology, can significantly enhance physical therapy outcomes.

Interested in testing your athletes or patients?

If you are a sports organization and would like to rigorously test your athletes, you can get in touch with KinePlus Aalst. If you’re interested in trying out the Hylyght platform, you can contact us.

Photo credits: KinePlus Aalst.